Why You Need a Standby Generator This Summer

July 22, 2021
Summer, especially in North Carolina, is a time of intense heat. Add the uncomfortable humidity our area is known for into the mix and it’s a recipe for disaster. While having strong, reliable air conditioning will make life more comfortable, there will be times where it stops working if utility...
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10 Common Electrical Problems You Should Know About

July 8, 2021
Your home is the place you should feel the safest and most comfortable. Unfortunately, every homeowner will experience electrical problems at one point or another. While many of the most common electrical problems are relatively harmless, some pose a huge safety risk. In an effort to keep your home as...
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Electrical Terminology You Need to Know For Your Home

June 23, 2021
Is it common for your electrician to use electrical jargon that you don’t understand? Or do you find it tough to explain the electrical problem you’re facing at home or at work? Worry not! This article is just for you. In this blog, we are going to help you understand...
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How to Check For Bad Electrical Wiring

June 17, 2021
When it comes to electrical safety, there are few things as crucial as electrical wiring that conform to safety standards. Faulty electrical wiring can pose many serious risks such as increasing the risk of an electrical fire, arc faults, power surges, and other serious problems. In the most serious cases,...
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5 Benefits of Installing a Dimmer Switch

May 25, 2021
  Installing a dimmer switch in your home has its share of advantages. Dimmer switches are straightforward electrical devices used to control the brightness level of lighting. There are various reasons that homeowners decide to install a dimmer switch, ranging from the convenience of controlling their lighting to savings on...
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How to Improve Productivity When Working From Home

April 20, 2021
In the last year, there’s been a huge transition to remote working. The pandemic has driven the majority of the American workforce to their homes on an everyday basis. What’s more, there’s been a lot of talk surrounding whether or not we can expect a “new normal” even after the...
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How to Install an Outdoor Ceiling Fan Step-By-Step

March 31, 2021
When it comes to making a simple addition to your home that can provide comfort, aesthetic value, and additional lighting, installing an outdoor ceiling fan is a great move. An outdoor ceiling fan can provide relaxing breezes and lighting to outdoor living spaces that are exposed to the elements. At...
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5 Questions to Ask Your Electrical Contractor

March 23, 2021
Are you in need of an electrical contractor in Raleigh, North Carolina? You deserve a knowledgeable and reputable electrician with the skills required for the job. Still, finding the best of the best can be a challenging task. In order to get the best electrical contractor for your electrical repair...
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Rewiring Your Kitchen: The Ultimate Guide to Upgrading Your Kitchen

March 16, 2021
Is your home more than 40 years old? If so, it may be time to think about rewiring your kitchen. After all, there is a very good chance that your electrical wiring is no longer up to code. If that’s the case, you are probably feeling the effects primarily in...
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Right Electrical Services Named One of 2021’s Best Raleigh Electricians

March 2, 2021
It’s a great day to work for Right Electrical Services, LLC! Our company has officially been named one of 2021’s Best Raleigh Electricians by Expertise.com. Expertise.com is a website that connects homeowners like you with reputable professionals for hire in your area. Expertise performs a proprietary research and selection process...
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Which Appliances Use the Most Energy in Your Home?

February 18, 2021
Have you ever found yourself looking at your electric bill and thinking, “Wow, I wonder why it’s so high?”. If so, that question has probably been followed by another: which appliances use the most energy? After all, if you could pinpoint which of your electrical appliances demand the most energy,...
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10 Common Electrical Problems To Look Out For

February 5, 2021
When it comes to the most common electrical problems, the safety of you and your family is a priority.  Some indicators of the most common electrical problems include high electric bills, flickering lights, and damaged electrical appliances. All of these signs are indicative of electrical problems on your home circuit....
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Electrical Wiring Installation: Learning the Basics

January 18, 2021
Electrical wiring installation can be a complicated process and home wiring isn’t something to fool around with. Put simply, electrical wiring is a life and death matter. Faulty electrical wiring can lead to personal injury or even death. For this reason, you’ll want to make sure that your home wiring...
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10 Essential Tools for Electricians

January 18, 2021
When you are an electrician and need to make sure your work more safe and comfortable, you will need some tools. Having such tools for electricians will not only make you feel comfortable but also safer while working. Your project will become much easier and less time consuming with the...
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5 Electrical Outlet Upgrades Every Homeowner Should Know About

January 14, 2021
If your home is in need of electrical outlet upgrades, Right Electrical Services, LLC has you covered with 5 of the most common electrical outlet upgrades every homeowner should know about. While you may wonder why electrical outlet upgrades are necessary, there are various reasons to stay on top of...
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