Why You Need a Standby Generator This Summer

July 22, 2021

why you need a standby generator this summer

Summer, especially in North Carolina, is a time of intense heat. Add the uncomfortable humidity our area is known for into the mix and it’s a recipe for disaster. While having strong, reliable air conditioning will make life more comfortable, there will be times where it stops working if utility power is cut. To avoid the frustration that this can cause, you need a home standby generator.

Reliable HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) is essential year-round, but especially in the hot summers of North Carolina. A standby generator ensures that your home’s HVAC is working every day.

Today, Right Electrical Services will be discussing the need for a standby generator in the summer. If you’ve been holding off on having a generator installed up to this point, there’s no better time than now to call our Raleigh electricians for professional generator installation. As a certified Generac dealer in Raleigh, we believe in the power of a standby generator for every home.

why you need a standby generator this summer

1. Summer Weather Can Be Severe

One of the biggest reasons to install a standby generator this summer has to do with the severe weather North Carolina summers are known for. Although you might expect winter to be a season with more adverse weather conditions, summers hold their fair share of trouble.

The Triangle isn’t always safe from severe weather in the summer, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, or tropical storms. This rough weather usually starts to impact our community in May, bringing strong wind, heavy rain, and even occasional flooding.  With this nasty weather comes a higher potential for electrical power to go out.

If you make the wise decision to have one of our licensed electricians install a standby generator, however, you can rest easy knowing that power will always stay on- even when the weather becomes severe.

2. Standby Generator Installation is Easier in the Summer

With the highest number of power outages likely in the summer, it only makes sense to consider installation during this season. Additionally, the digging that is necessary for installation is much easier in the summer. In the winter, the ground tends to be much firmer and this can make installation more challenging.

Remember, a power outage can last several days (sometimes longer) as utility crews struggle to deal with fallen trees and other debris brought down by the storm. In this scenario, having a standby generator installed in your home is essential.

While your neighbors may find themselves suffering without power for days on end, you can enjoy electricity. A standby generator kicks in automatically within seconds when the power goes out, so you’ll hardly be inconvenienced at all.

3. Your Generator Will Power Your Entire Home

Some standby generators will leave you having to pick and choose as to what devices you want to keep running. A Generac generator installed by Right Electrical Services, on the other hand, has the power to fuel your entire home.

By installing a standby generator in your home this summer, you can have it all. Our generators power everything. You can enjoy air conditioning that keeps you cool, lighting, refrigeration (nobody likes throwing out wasted food after a power outage), and entertainment.

4. Prevents Basement Flooding

Remember, occasional flooding is far from unheard of thanks to North Carolina’s severe summer weather. If your home sits on a slope, you’re especially at risk for basement flooding. The solution? Outfitting your home with an electric sump pump. An electric sump pump is only helpful if it has power, however, and yours may be knocked out of operation without a standby generator.

In the event that your home loses power during a storm, your standby generator will keep your sump pump running. As a result, you can avoid basement flooding due to rain or other weather events. That’s some serious peace of mind that you can’t afford not to have!

5. Greater Peace of Mind So That You Can Enjoy Your Summer

Finally, the biggest benefit of installing a standby generator this summer is greater peace of mind. In 2018 alone, power outage durations for U.S. electricity customers averaged 5.8 hours per customer. Talk about spending a lot of time without power!

When the next major summer storm inevitably comes knocking, you can rest easy. Even if your power is knocked out, you and your family won’t have to deal with the stress of being without it for long. Your reliable standby generator will automatically have things up and running in seconds flat!

Our electricians can assist you in selecting the best generator to meet your emergency power supply needs. What does that mean for you? Well, you can worry less about losing power and focus more on enjoying your summer! The peace of mind that a standby generator supplies is priceless.

Standby Generator Installation By Qualified Electricians in Raleigh

Now that you know the importance of installing a standby generator for your home this summer, don’t delay! There’s truly no better time to make an investment that truly matters. Our licensed Raleigh electricians are ready to deliver greater peace of mind to you and your family. As certified Generac dealers, we have the knowledge and experience required to maximize the benefits you receive from generator installation.

Ready to outfit your home with a standby generator? Contact us today at (919) 359-1017 or request an appointment online. Don’t forget- we offer FREE estimates so it will cost you nothing to receive a quote on the installation of your generator. We look forward to assisting you!




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