Keep Your Business Secure & Well-Lit When Closed


Security and landscape lighting
We bring you peace of mind with security lighting for your business!


You might think that putting up security and landscape lighting would be a simple matter of installing a few lights, but you would be wrong.

The design and installation of security and landscape lighting is actually an intricate process that is best left up to our licensed commercial electricians. Businesses require a higher level of security lighting than most residences because they also have to cover safety issues that might arise, such as slick spots and uneven ground. These areas of potential concern have to be completely illuminated to avoid hazards that could result in someone getting hurt, helping to avoid potential legal ramifications.

At Right Electrical Services, we don’t take business security and electrical lighting setup lightly. It’s a very serious issue with many businesses and commercial properties and we are your expert electricians to handle the job, the right way. Give us a call to discuss your options and schedule an appointment.

Reasons for Installing Commercial Security Lighting

When investing in security and landscape lighting installation for your business, make sure you get the best quality for your money by hiring a licensed electrical contractor- not a handyman. Right Electrical Services carries an Unlimited Electrician’s License and has more than two decades of experience.

Our licensed commercial electricians will not only be able to provide you with ideas where the lighting would be more effective. We also have the knowledge to install and inspect the wiring that is going to be used. Given the popularity of DIY projects, one should be aware that electrical work is not something that just anyone can do and for these reasons, we strongly encourage you to contact us first to schedule a consultation to outline your goals, needs and budget.

What To Consider When Putting In Security Lighting

The purpose of building landscape and security lights should be more than just aesthetics. Though you want lights that will look good and even draw attention to the unique features of the grounds, you also need lighting that will enhance safety and security.

When you go with commercial security lighting, you will get both. Our skilled electrical contractors help you plan your lighting out for maximum security and safety, coupled with an appealing effect. We will make sure the solution is up to par with your ambitions to secure the property and give it great curb appeal at the same time.

For more information about landscape lighting or business security lighting, please contact us today. Call our electricians for a estimate on all your commercial lighting needs.