When Should I Contact an Electrician?

September 13, 2019
contact an electrician
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While there are home fixes that you can do on your own, there are also a few that will require the knowledge and skills of pros. Electrical works, for instance, involve a lot of safety risks, thus, requiring the help of a licensed and experienced electrician. Doing a DIY job is risky since you can’t be certain of the main source of the electrical problem and the right approach in fixing the same. 

Prioritize safety in your commercial or residential property by leaving electrical fixes to the hands of professionals. To know when it’s time you should call the help of pros, check out these clear signs of electrical problems.

Electrical Sparks

Electrical sparks in outlets are not normal. In most cases, they indicate a serious problem and must be given immediate attention by professionals. If neglected, electrical sparks can potentially start a fire or seriously damage electrical components or appliances.

Flickering Lights

Have you noticed the constant flickering of lights in some areas of the house? Such occurrence doesn’t only provide inconvenience in homes but may also compromise safety especially during night time. Don’t hesitate to seek help from your trusted local electricians. Flickering lights can be caused by problems in the wiring or a fluctuation in household voltage.

The Smell of Burning Plastic

Never ignore a strong smell of burning plastic in your home. Upon noticing the same, check first where the smell is coming from. Whether or not you are able to find the source of the burning smell, make sure to call in licensed electricians to inspect your home. 

This can indicate burning electrical wiring which can cause a house fire. Thus, it’s important to give it immediate attention.

Outdated Wiring

Do you have damaged or frayed wiring in the house? If yes, make sure to clear them away and replace them with help from the pros. Whether your damaged electrical wiring is caused by rodents, inappropriate use or wear and tear, the exposed cables can cause shock or electrocution once touched.

The Old Age of the Electrical System

When was the last time you called a professional team to inspect or check your electrical system? If the system has been running for years now without periodic inspections from electricians, now is the time that you call them before you put your household in great mess and danger. 

Appliance Fixes

When doing installations, repairs or replacements of electrical components or appliances, forget about doing a DIY job and leave the same to the pros. This is necessary for buildings to comply with local code requirements. Additionally, licensed electricians have the proper tools and equipment to use, thus, saving you money from brand new purchases or rental fees for one-time equipment use. 

Frequently Tripped Circuit Breakers

This incident typically happens when the circuit is overloaded, preventing wires from overheating and cause a fire. However, if your circuit breakers trip frequently, this can already be alarming and you need to call in reliable electricians to check on the situation in your home. 

Warm to Touch Electrical Components

When a switch or circuit is warm to touch, it means the electrical component is overloaded. In worst cases, this can lead to an electric shock, putting your family at high safety risks. To remedy the situation, it’s best to call for professional help. Your trusted local electricians might advise you to get a component upgrade. 

Blown Fuse

Many conditions cause a fuse to blow, but one thing is for sure; you can’t fix such electrical issue on your own. Diagnosing the cause of a blown fuse is risky and takes time without help from skilled electricians. Neglect a blown fuse in the house and you’ll be having a bigger problem on your hands later on.

Power Outage

When all the lights and appliances in your home went out, you have the right to suspect a serious electrical problem. Electricity is a necessity when running a household. Dozens of household chores can pile up when electric power goes out even for a day.

Clear indicators of system failure include a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. 

Importance of Access Doors in Electrical Repairs

When electrical components are fixed behind plaster, reaching them in case of repairs becomes difficult and time-consuming since you will need to break a wall or ceiling. Whereas, concealing them behind a wall or ceiling access doors provides access to these components fast and easy. For different application requirements in residential or commercial places, there is a wide range of ceiling access doors to choose from. Customized solutions are also available for your special construction needs.

Whether simply renovating your home or preparing it for sale, investing in regular and proper electrical system maintenance and repair has great benefits to offer. For both minor or major electrical problems, call in licensed and experienced electricians to help you out.

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