How to Improve Productivity When Working From Home

April 20, 2021

Improve productivity when working from home

In the last year, there’s been a huge transition to remote working. The pandemic has driven the majority of the American workforce to their homes on an everyday basis. What’s more, there’s been a lot of talk surrounding whether or not we can expect a “new normal” even after the pandemic passes, in which remote work is more popular than ever. Could working from home be the way of the future? If so, improving productivity when working from home should be a primary concern.

If you have found yourself working from home this year, it is likely that it has taken some getting used to. After all, these days, when typing in “productivity” on Google, the first suggested search result is “productivity when working from home”. Although this has been a transition that many of us have had to make, it hasn’t necessarily been easy.

Right Electrical Services, LLC has a few tips that can help make you more productive when working from home. But why do we find ourselves qualified to offer you these tips? Well, it’s all about the relationship between lighting and productivity. As lighting experts, we can clue you in on a few ways to boost productivity with your home’s lighting. Interested? We thought you would be.

The Relationship Between Productivity and Lighting

According to a report on performance at work released by Phillips, the most impactful way of thinking about productivity is its relation to our well-being. In their findings, Phillips reports that the work environment has a significant impact in facilitating a more productive state of mind. A quintessential element of a good work environment that ensures your well-being is the right lighting.

To ensure that the lighting in your workspace is giving you the most bang for your buck, it is crucial that you find the right balance between two types of light: artificial and natural.

Artificial light is known to improve overall performance by increasing both alertness and concentration. That being said, artificial lighting can produce less welcome effects as well such as causing eye strain and decreasing melatonin production in the evening.

Natural light, on the other hand, has proven to be the most beneficial for employees. Research suggests that natural light improves performance by reducing stress and increasing satisfaction as you work.

So how can you maximize productivity when working from home by using the right type of lighting? Here are our tips and recommendations.

1. Change the Layout of Your Furniture

During times of the year when natural light can be a bit harder to come by, you’ll want to carefully consider the layout of your furniture in terms of working from home. Your overall goal should be to find the perfect balance between natural light and the shadow that it creates. Ensure that the positioning of your office furniture is laid out in such a way that natural light filters onto your workspace. To do this, place taller furniture away from the window so that it doesn’t obstruct light.

If possible, place your desk close to a window to guarantee the most natural light possible. That being said, you’ll probably have to combat a glare effect on your computer screen in this position, especially at particularly sunny times of the day. To avoid a glare effect, position your desk perpendicular to the window.

2. Use Windows That Facilitate Light to Your Advantage

Obviously, the more windows you have in your office space, the more natural light that you can introduce. Due to the fact that windows have the most direct impact on how much natural light is invited into your workspace, you’ll want to consider replacing your windows with bigger ones that have thinner frames.

You should also bear in mind that working from a room with windows oriented towards the east is impactful in improving productivity early in the day. For those who find themselves the most productive during the afternoon hours, you may want to consider working in a position facing the west instead. This is because according to cutting-edge research in the neuroscience field, the firing patterns of neurons in the brain’s thalamus (the part of the pain responsible for regulating sensory information and levels of awareness) vary significantly depending on the direction you’re facing.

3. Make the Most of the Natural Light Available

When creating the appearance of a more well-illuminated space, you’ll want to have as many elements reflecting light in your office as possible. Do this by choosing bright colors for walls and furniture (white and yellow are great choices). Another way to reflect light in your space is to choose materials and textures that are glossy rather than matte.

Additionally, you may want to consider adding a large mirror to your workspace. Not only can a mirror completely alter the feel of a room, but it also reflects light, creating a more well-lit atmosphere. Apply these recommendations to walls and areas of the room that natural light is more likely to fall upon.

4. Balance Artificial and Natural Light

In the summer months, you may have found yourself awakened by the sun coming in through your windows. In the winter season, however, this becomes more of a struggle. It can sometimes feel impossible to get natural light. We all know that a good morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. During the times of the year when natural light is scarce, we recommend using artificial light when waking up.

Artificial light has a significant impact on a productive mindset as it is known to increase our levels of alertness. You’ll want to balance artificial light and natural light as much as possible to increase productivity when working from home. Depending on the amount of natural light available, you may want to combine the two types of light.

5. Balance Two Types of Artificial Light

When adding artificial light to your workspace, you’ll want to carefully consider the color and temperature of your office lighting. Put simply, the color and temperature of your artificial lighting should vary based on the function of the space. To improve productivity when working from home, you’ll want to use cool tones when you want to be highly focused.

You should also know that a good night’s sleep is vital when it comes to preparing for a productive workday. To ensure a good sleeping pattern, you’ll want to utilize artificial lighting with a warmer tone, such as yellow. As a general rule, the artificial light that you use in the morning should be brighter and cooler. As your day winds down, use warmer lighting to get into a more relaxed state. You’ll be glad you did when the next workday rolls around!

Add the Perfect Lighting to Your Home Office to Improve Productivity When Working From Home!

Now that you have an understanding of light’s relationship with increased productivity, you may be interested in adding lighting to your home office. Whether you’d like to install space-saving fixtures, task lighting, or accent lighting to give your productivity a boost, Right Electrical Services is the electrician you can trust! Our team will give you our recommendations on how to get the most out of your home office lighting.

We offer exceptional electrical installation services for both residential and commercial properties. If you need lighting upgrades or additions that set you up for success, our experts are the ones to call. Request an appointment online today or give us a call at (919) 359-1017. We’ll be happy to book a FREE estimate on your next lighting installation project.

What do you do to stay productive when working from home? Leave a comment below and let us know how you stay on task. You never know how much your tips and recommendations might help someone else! We could all use a helping hand when it comes to improving productivity when working from home.


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