Electrical Outlet Wiring Services Done Right

Outlet Repair

Right Electrical Services offers outlet repair and wiring for all your residential and business needs, including:

Many older homes don’t have the proper wiring to power a microwave and we come across many microwaves located over the stove and connected to exhaust fan wiring. While this may work for a while, it can be a potential concern in the future causing unwanted electrical problems. Our local electricians will provide outlet wiring for microwaves to ensure it works perfectly and safely every day.

Portable Air Conditioners
It takes a lot of energy to power those portable air conditioners through every North Carolina summer. In fact, many portable AC units require a dedicated circuit to supply enough power to them. So, if you use portable air conditioners to cool your home in the Raleigh-Triangle region and you’re constantly blowing fuses or tripping breakers, give our local electricians a call. We can wire a dedicated circuit and outlet to power your portable air conditioner so it can keep you cool without any issues.

Washers and Dryers
Your washer and dryer are probably the two biggest energy hogs in your home. In fact, most require 4-wire circuits and can’t even be plugged into normal outlets. Right Electrical Services can install dedicated 4-wire circuits and outlets in order for you to use your washer and dryer right away.

With the growing reliance on computers, it’s important to keep your machine safe from tripper circuits and other potential issues that could lead to a loss of data. At Right Electrical Services, we can wire an outlet specifically for your computer so you never have to worry about losing what you’re working on when someone plugs in a blow dryer or turns on the microwave. Home surge protection and individual surge protectors can also help, but it’s best to consult with our team of electricians about the best solution for your specific needs.

Hot Tubs
In order to be used safely, hot tubs need to have their own dedicated outlets. We are able to wire an individual outlet for your hot tub so you can relax in peace and not have to worry about losing heat or causing other electrical issues to another portion of your home.

What Are Some Signs Your Home Outlets Need Repairing?

Your Outlet is Cracked or Discolored 

Discoloration is a sign that your connections are overheating. You should have this outlet inspected because it is a safety concern. Your outlet may need to be replaced.

The Plug Keeps Falling Out 

Outlet repair may be necessary if the plug keeps falling out. Repeatedly plugging in electronics and appliances can loosen the connections. Loose connections are a fire hazard.

Your Circuit Breaker Frequently Trips 

An outlet that is need of repair may trip the circuit breaker. This is a sign that the outlet cannot handle the demands that is being placed on it. Our licensed electrician can confirm whether the problem is caused by the outlet or the appliance.

The Outlet is Sparking 

If the outlet sparks every time that you plug something into it, then the outlet is likely coming loose. This has a tendency to happen if you repeatedly plug and unplug things. Outlet repair or replacement may be necessary.

Your Outlet is Ungrounded 

Your outlet may be fine, but if it is an ungrounded outlet, then you may want to consider getting it replaced. Ungrounded outlets have two prongs. You need to get a grounded, three-pronged outlet so that you can be protected from electrical shock. It is safer than an ungrounded outlet.

If your home’s energy demands are increasing and you need outlet wiring, outlet repair, or dedicated circuit wiring, call our team of Raleigh electricians today or submit a form to request an appointment.