Homeowners Are Choosing Home Improvement Projects Over Moving

August 4, 2021

home improvement projects

In the wake of the pandemic, many homeowners have found themselves becoming more aware of faults in their living space. After all, the longer that you’re inside, the more your home’s flaws will catch your eye. If you have found yourself noticing things about your home that you would change, there are two main options at your disposal: pack up and move or start planning for some home improvement projects. But which option is best? According to a recent survey from DeWalt, more homeowners are choosing home improvement than ever before.

homeowners are choosing home improvement projects over moving

Home Improvement Projects Are Rising in Popularity

In 2020, more people were making the decision to purchase a home due to the boom the housing market experienced throughout the year. DeWalt’s survey, however, proves that there has been a shift towards home improvement projects. The survey uncovered that 7 out of 10 homeowners are either planning or considering home improvement projects in the next half of 2021. Further, 52 percent of those surveyed are choosing home improvement as an alternative to moving.

Surely those surveyed must be talking about small projects, right? Actually, no. The survey showed that 64 percent of homeowners are planning home improvement projects costing $10,000 or more. 28 percent are expecting to spend over $30,000 on home improvement.

Good News For Contractors

We can’t lie- as electricians, we’re overjoyed to see so many homeowners excited about home improvement as an alternative to moving. We have a passion for assisting Raleigh homeowners with home improvement from an electrical standpoint. For other contractors, we know this news is just as welcome.

According to the survey, 84 percent of homeowners are either planning on or considering a professional contractor to oversee their projects. This is because, while DIY home improvement is popular, some projects demand the knowledge of a skilled professional. 52 percent said that proper licensing is a key consideration in the selection process.

Contractors Are in Demand

Contractors are in higher demand than at any time in recent memory. If you’re looking for a licensed contractor for your next home improvement project, there may be a wait. The survey states that just over half of homeowners who reached out to a contractor faced delays for their home improvement projects of at least 3 months.

According to Maria Ford, president of commercial construction at Stanley Black & Decker, DeWalt’s parent company, “Many cities across the U.S. are experiencing a home renovation uptick, and as homeowners turn to professionals to complete more advanced projects, the rise in demand is revealing a critical need for more skilled talent.”

Ford goes on to say that the commercial boom that is currently in place across the United States shows the importance of expanding the skilled trade talent pool, particularly in fields like HVAC, plumbing, and electrical.

Home Improvement Done Right With Right Electrical Services, LLC

If you’re among the homeowners itching to get the next home improvement project started, our licensed electricians are here to assist you. We’re thrilled to see so many homeowners taking the necessary steps to improve their homes. Whether you’re in the market for electrical upgrades to boost your home value, electrical rewiring to upgrade your kitchen or any form of electrical installation, we have your back.

As the top electricians in Raleigh, we’re also well aware that home improvement projects don’t often come cheap. That’s why we have made it our mission to offer budget-friendly prices, along with FREE estimates. Just give our skilled electricians a call at (919) 359-1017 or fill out our online contact form on our Request Service page. We’ll get you on the schedule and have a technician sent out to your home in no time!

The rise in the popularity of home improvement projects warrants knowledgable professionals. There’s no better choice than our technicians at Right Electrical Services, LLC. We’re excited to work with you on your next project! Contact us today.



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