Generator Installation and Sales in Raleigh

As any North Carolinian knows, a power outage can happen at any time. Whether your home loses power due to an unexpected storm or high winds during hurricane season, you shouldn’t be at the mercy of power companies. Trust Raleigh’s #1 generator installer and Generac dealer for all of your standby generator needs!

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Generac Generators: Don’t Be Left in the Dark

Right Electrical Services is proud to be an authorized Generac dealer. When installing your residential or commercial Generac generator, it’s important that you work with an authorized dealer. Our Raleigh electricians have the knowledge to assist you in selecting the best standby generator for your needs.

Generac Power Systems Inc. has proven itself as the go-to name in residential and commercial power solutions. From their wide variety of products to the high quality of each generator, Generac is the best in the industry. A Generac automatic standby generator gives you the power you need and can be relied on to support everything from the basics to the entire home.

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What to Expect From Our Generac Generator Installation Services

When it comes to installing your new automatic standby generator, you’ll be working directly with us. We understand the importance of giving you a clear explanation of all of your options up front and that’s just what you’ll get when contacting us for an estimate.

As an authorized Generac dealer, we are experienced in surveying your home and taking note of what you want out of your generator. We will then present you with every option available to you based on your individual needs and budget. During your in-home assessment, we will provide you with a no-obligation quote which includes the generator system and installation costs.

If you think that installing your home generator will be a huge undertaking that demands much of your valuable time, think again! As a trusted Generac dealer, Right Electrical Services has what it takes to get your system installed quickly and efficiently. In fact, it usually only takes a single day to get a backup generator installed and ready to go! Like the experts at Generac, we know that every customer’s time is precious and we have the skills to complete your project in no time flat.

Here’s what you can expect when working with Right Electrical Services:

  • Contact Right Electrical Services: Contact us to set up an appointment for your consultation by either calling us at (919)359-1017 or filling out our convenient Request Service form.
  • Get Your In-Home Assessment and Quote: Next, we’ll send out one of our qualified and experienced electricians to answer all of your questions and help you identify the best generator for your needs. We’ll take all of the necessary factors into consideration from your generator size, location, and individual needs. Based on this information, we’ll provide you with a quote.
  • Install Your New Generac Generator: Once you decide to purchase your very own Generac generator, we’ll begin the installation process immediately. Want to know more about what the installation process looks like? Take a look at our blog post on the subject by clicking HERE.
  • Demonstration of Your New Generator: Lastly, your technician will give you a demonstration of the power of your new generator. We’ll do this by simulating a power outage so that you can see just what to expect from your automatic standby generator. Generac automatic standby generators start within 10 seconds of detecting a power outage and we’re confident you’ll be pleased to see it in action.

Raleigh’s Best Generac Dealer is Here For You!

At Right Electrical Services, we only put our name behind brands that we truly believe in and that’s why we’re proud to be Raleigh’s best authorized Generac dealer. Here’s the features you can expect when choosing a Generac standby generator as your dedicated power solution:

  • Generac OHVI® – expertly designed to withstand extended run times and included in every Generac standby generator
  •  True Power™ Technology– Utility grade power to support your entire home
  • Durable Powder-Coat– Enclosure built to withstand any and all weather conditions so that if your power goes out, your generator will be there regardless.
  • Mobile Link™ – This optional remote cellular monitoring feature will give you the peace of mind that your generator is functioning at its best. Thanks to the convenient smart device app, you can access important information about your generator right from the palm of your hand.
  • Evolution™ Controller– Smart, user-friendly controls for your Generac generator.
  • Power Management System– Intelligent power management allows for improved coverage with a smaller generator
  • Fuel Options– Grants you the ability to run on natural gas or LP fuel

Contact us today for your all of your Generac sales and maintenance needs!

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