Make Your Kitchen, Bathroom or Any Room In Your Home Stand Out With Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting
Recessed lighting done the “Right” way!


If you are in need of a canned lighting upgrade, then you may want to consider getting recessed lighting. Recessed lighting installation is growing in popularity. There are a number of ways that you can benefit from getting recessed lights installed in your kitchen, bathrooms, enclosed patios or any other room in your home.

Enhances Your Home Decor 

You can instantly make your home look more modern by getting a canned lighting upgrade. The lighting will enhance everything that you have in the room. Additionally, the value of a home is widely improved by getting recessed lighting. Furthermore, it allows you to accentuate certain parts of your room.


You can put recessed lights just about anywhere in your home including over your bed, mirrors, bathtubs, dining room and living room. Additionally, you can put them on your porch to give the room a sharp, clean look and accent areas to produce a better visual when entering the rooms.


Fortunately, recessed lighting is embedded into the ceiling. In not requiring any dangling cords, this type of lighting eliminates potential danger hazards.

That is why they are safer than many other types of lighting. Recessed lighting can also make it safer for you to go up the stairs. It isn’t uncommon to fall while going up the stairs due to poor lighting. In fact, it is estimated that  roughly 93,000 children visit the emergency room each year due to stair-related injuries.


Our residential electrician can help you save  money as well. Recessed lighting is low-voltage, which means that it does not use as much energy as many other types of lighting. This will help you cut your energy bill. That is why recessed lighting has become the standard in both old homes and new homes.

If you need a licensed electrician, then you give us a call today or fill out our online form to request an appointment. At Right Electrical Services, we will make sure that the lighting is installed properly and also can provide your home a thorough electrical inspection in the same visit.