10 Essential Tools for Electricians

January 18, 2021

tools for electricians

When you are an electrician and need to make sure your work more safe and comfortable, you will need some tools. Having such tools for electricians will not only make you feel comfortable but also safer while working.

Your project will become much easier and less time consuming with the help of some right electrical tools. When working with electricity, it is like playing with the devil. This could turn out to be fatal at any moment if you are not following the proper safety procedure. But when you have the necessary safety tools, your work will become a lot safer.   

Recently we went to ask some experienced electricians about the tools they always carry, and we have got some great information. In this article, we are going to share with you some essential tools for an electrician.

Top 10 Essential Tools for Electricians

So, here we are introducing 10 essential tools that every electrician must have. Let’s dive into the real deal:

1. Voltage Indicator

As an electrician, this is a mandatory tool for you. We are pretty sure you already know that it helps you to identify the presence or absence of electricity. It is used to determine AC voltages on different outlets, sockets, or circuit breakers. This is a dire need for every electrician out there. A voltage indicator can turn out to be your life-saver at times.

2. Insulated Screwdrivers

When you are an electrician, a screwdriver is something that you can’t get along with. Out there in the market, there are a variety of sizes available depending on the sizes and shapes of the screws. It works by following a traditional application called torque and rotational force.

Most of the screwdrivers out there come with a rubber pad or plastic pad added to provide you safety from the electricity while you are using, which can be easily identified by VDE approval.

3. Insulated Pliers

Pilers are one of the most familiar and popular tools in this sector. The torque of this tool helps you to get a lot tougher task done just by using your bare hands. There are different types of pliers out there, such as long nose pliers, combination pliers, water pump pliers, side-cutting pliers, and so on.

4. Crimpers

This tool is quite familiar with the computer and telephone industry. A crimper is used to crimp network cables by putting the cable in the middle of the crimper. The connector helps to compress the two different pieces to make sure that they stay tied well together.

There are many types of crimpers in the market. So, if you don’t know their essential details, you may end up buying the wrong ones. Don’t worry! Here we have found some of the best crimpers that can provide you with great quality and safety. Click here to learn more!

5. Electrical Tape

When it comes to insulating wires that carry electricity, electrical tape is needed. People also know them as electrical insulation tape. They are specially made to withstand heat, liquid, and erosion to ensure the safety of the conducting core in the electrical wiring system.

They are made of materials such as PVC, copper foil, glass cloth, and vinyl. Different colors indicate different features such as its temp tolerance ability, insulating ability, and fastening strength.

5. Hacksaws

Hacksaws are typically used to cut metal objects. In an adaptable frame, you need to hold this blade at tension in-between the pistol grip handle and saws head to cut a metallic object. When a blade turns blunt or breaks, you can replace them easily.

6. Spanners

It’s an everyday task for an electrician to loosen or attach nuts, and that’s where a spanner comes into play. They come in different sizes as they need to open various types of screws and nuts. In general, there are two types of spanners available in the market. One is an adjustable spanner and another open-ended spanner.

The first one has a moveable jaw, which helps you to adjust to depending on the size of the nuts and bolts. On the other hand, an open-ended spanner comes with a dual C-shaped clamp in various sizes. They can come in handy when you have limited space.

7. Safety Knife

Safety knife is well-known to all of us as we get to use it in different manners. They are also known as Stanley knives. The knife blade comes with a rubbery or plastic made grip to ensure your safety while using.

They also come in different sizes, and you may choose yours depending on your need. We would recommend you to get the one which comes with stainless steel and rubber made grip.

8. Claw Hammer

A Claw hammer is used to insert and remove nails. This tool helps you to enter any types of nails you need to, and also, you can use this to remove those nails. They also come in handy when you need to get access in closed spaces.

9. Flashlight

You often get to work in a dark environment, and in such a scenario, to continue your work accurately and safely, a flashlight is very much needed. We would suggest you get one which is small in size and powered by LED lights. As they are light-weight, you will be able to carry them easily. There are some flashlights that can be attached to your helmet, which can come in handy when your work requires multitasking.

Final Words on Tools for Electricians

The tools we have mentioned above are much needed, especially when you are a professional. You know, “time is money,” and having those tools will save a lot of your valuable time and make your work less energy-consuming.

Always your safety comes first. So, to ensure your safety while working with electricity, those tools are like your guardian angel. You can get a ton of work done in no time when you have the necessary tools.

We hope our article helped you to find out the essential tools for an electrician. Just one little piece of advice before we sign off “always go for the quality, not price tag’. Thank you.

This guest post was written by Herbert A. Dorman of GearHuts.com. Thank you, Herbert!

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