Ceiling Fan Installation in Raleigh From Licensed Pros

If you’ve recently bought a ceiling fan and are looking for knowledgeable, experienced electricians for ceiling fan installation in Raleigh, we’ve got you covered! At Right Electrical Services, we specialize in a variety of electrical services, including the professional installation of ceiling fans.

Ceiling Fan Installation Services in Raleigh

Our Expertise Makes All the Difference

Ceiling fans are a relatively inexpensive way to save energy, create more visual appeal, and add diversity and style to individual rooms in your home. Our technicians offer ceiling fan installation in Raleigh that includes replacing an old ceiling fan or running wiring for a brand new fan. Best of all, we provide prompt service and flat-rate pricing, giving you the most for your money!

You should never trust just anyone with ceiling fan installation. Believe it or not, ceiling fan wiring can be a complicated process because the wires may cross with those providing power to the rest of your home. If you’re looking to have a ceiling fan installed in the Raleigh area, we highly recommend hiring a proven professional. Only a professional ceiling fan installer can determine the best way to wire a ceiling fan without disturbing the rest of your home’s electrical system. Luckily, you’ve found the best of the best here at Right Electrical Services!

Our expert electricians have decades of experience replacing and installing ceiling fans. Whether you live in Raleigh, Garner, Clayton, Durham, or any surrounding area, we’re here to help make the process easy! With our expertise, you and your family will soon be enjoying all of the benefits of a brand new ceiling fan. Our team will assemble and install your new ceiling fan so that it’s balanced, effective, and quiet. Soon, you’ll enjoy spending less on summer electric bills and the added comfort that a ceiling fan provides.

The Benefits of Professional Ceiling Fan Installation

professional ceiling fan installation in raleigh

Lower Energy Costs

Studies and personal experiences prove most homeowners are able to reduce their overall energy bill month by month with a new ceiling fan. A ceiling fan saves you money as you don’t rely on your AC units as much, windows can remain open, and they reduce the energy footprint by upwards of 30-40%. It’s a win-win!


Ceiling fans also help keep you cool during the summer months. They do not lower the temperature of the room, but they keep you comfortable by dispersing cold air throughout the room. You can also use a ceiling fan to keep your home warm during the winter months to improve the flow of air around the house.

Warm air rises. When the blades turn clockwise, they can push this warm air back down. You can turn the blades counter-clockwise in order to keep the cool air circulating throughout your home. Our Raleigh electricians have plenty of neat, useful, money-saving tips to share with our customers. Give us a call today!

Can Be Used Outdoors

Ceiling fans are also great for the outdoors as you can put them on your porch in your sunroom, keeping you cool while outside. If you frequently have outdoor get-togethers then you definitely want to make sure you use a ceiling fan in spaces where people gather.

Easy to Clean

It is relatively simple to clean ceiling fans with the use of a vacuum cleaner, a long-handled duster, or a cloth to keep the dust off. It should only take a few minutes to clean a ceiling fan and this helps cut down on the dust collecting on the surface.  A clean fan is a great fan!

Call us if you need our residential electricians to install a ceiling fan. We look forward to getting you scheduled, helping you save money in the long haul.

Why You Should Choose Us

It’s no secret that there are countless options for electricians in the Triangle area. So why should you choose Right Electrical Services as your dedicated ceiling fan installers? Put simply, no other electrical company can match our careful attention to detail and level of quality and craftsmanship.

Clear, Up-Front Pricing

You deserve an electrician that will deliver transparent pricing for quality work. We don’t expect you to understand electrical lingo. We take the time to walk you through every step of the repair and installation process. All of our rates will be explained in detail. This way, you’ll know exactly how much everything will cost you before the work is ever performed. You’ll only pay if you are happy with the price and choose to hire us.

The Highest Quality of Work

Since our founding in 2016, we have formed close relationships with our customers. Our customers count on us to deliver the highest quality of work every time.

Other electricians may cut corners when performing electrical work, but we know there’s no place for that in the electrical field. Using only quality materials, equipment, and techniques, you can depend on our electricians to provide premium work at affordable rates.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Our company is founded on the promise of providing the best electrical service to our community.  We stand by a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee on all of our electrical work. If you find yourself anything less than completely satisfied with our work, we want to hear from you. We’ll do everything possible to ensure that we make things right, delivering the best possible experience to you.

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