5 Tools That Every Homeowner Should Have

December 30, 2020

Keeping a well-stocked toolbox is a lot like having electricity that works: we take for granted how much easier it makes our lives until something stops working. Whether you’re a regular DIY master or are looking for a few ways to upgrade your tool-kit, knowing the best tools to have on hand can make all the difference. In fact, sometimes having the right tools on hand can save you a lot of money! With our years of experience in the electrical field, we know quite a bit about the tools that every homeowner should have. That’s why, today, we have selected the top 5 tools that you should consider adding to your arsenal.

At Right Electrical Services, LLC, we have a passion for home improvement and know that, aside from your friendly neighborhood electrician, the right tools are a homeowner’s best friend.  When you add these tools to your kit, you can rest assured you’ll always have the right fix for the job. Let’s get started!

1- Hammers (That Means More Than One!)

When it comes to the tool that is probably amongst the most frequently used in a DIY’er’s toolbox, you simply can’t go without a hammer. Whether you’re building the backyard deck of your dreams or hanging pictures in the family room, hammers are a must-have. We highly recommend having at least two hammers: one big claw hammer for larger construction jobs or outdoor projects, and a pin hammer for smaller jobs such as driving tacks into the wall. You simply can’t go without a couple of sturdy hammers in your tool-kit!

2- Drills (And Don’t Forget the Drill Bits!)

When thinking about a tool that will serve you for years and years to come, a battery-operated drill is the first thing to come to mind. It’s a good idea to pick up a variety pack of bits in order to ensure that you’re always prepared for any job that could possibly pop up. When it comes to maintenance and repair, there are few tools that are as essential as a sturdy drill. Don’t forget to add this to your toolbox!

3- Screwdrivers Are a DIY’er’s Best Friend

As one of the handiest tools that you could possibly have in your toolbox, screwdrivers are a must-have in terms of the tools that every homeowner should have. Whether you’re assembling furniture or changing out a switch plate in your home, a screwdriver is essential. As a homeowner, you’ll likely be surprised by just how many times you find yourself reaching for a screwdriver so make sure you have one on hand!

4- A Level

When installing new kitchen cabinets or hanging a picture frame in the living room, a level can be seriously handy. After all, you’ll want to make sure that everything is perfectly level or this will end up being a heck of an eyesore in your home. While there are several types of levels available, the most accurate and least expensive type is the low-tech analog models with the floating bubble. Always have a level handy!

5- A Flashlight

Remember when we said that electricity, like a homeowner’s prized tools, is one of those things that we take for granted until it stops working? Well, sometimes the power goes out. If you don’t have a whole-house generator to get you back online instantly, you may find yourself without electricity for quite some time- especially in the event of a storm. While smartphone camera “flashlights” may work as a temporary solution, you’ll need a dedicated LED flashlight on hand that doesn’t rely on electricity to charge it. A trusty LED flashlight cannot be beaten and should be considered an essential part of any homeowner’s toolbox.

For Those Jobs That Aren’t DIY, Always Call Right Electrical Services, LLC

Now that you know the top 5 tools that every homeowner should have in their toolbox, you’re all set to take on any DIY project. That being said, there are some jobs (especially electrical) that shouldn’t be handled as a DIY project. When you find yourself in need of a professional, feel free to give our licensed electricians at Right Electrical Services, LLC a call. We’ll have the problem fixed in no time! You can also give us a call for any electrical installation needs that you may have. We’ll be happy to help! Contact us today at (919) 359-1017 or by requesting service online.



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