5 Electrical Repairs Best Left to the Professionals

April 10, 2019
electrical repair jobs for professionals
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We’ve all been there. In the wake of an electrical malfunction or short circuit, handling the work ourselves typically feels like the less time-consuming and money-draining option. While we hope our previous how-to articles have given our customers a better knowledge of electrical repairs, there are some electrical issues that aren’t DIY projects. Let’s talk about 5 electrical repairs best left to the professionals.

Why Can’t I Do These Electrical Repairs Myself? It Looks Easy Enough.

Valid question. To put it simply, it’s best to play it safe in the face of uncertainty- especially when it comes to electrical repairs. We’re willing to bet, for example, that you wouldn’t make drastic decisions about your health in lue of consulting a doctor who is trained in such matters. While this may seem like a bad comparison to make, there are certain electrical repairs that could have dire and, at the very least, costly consequences. No matter what the guy that assures you “you don’t need an electrician” says on his electrical repair YouTube tutorials, we hope you’ll leave it to us- your local and licensed electricians.

1. Electrical Panel Maintenance

Let’s get this one out of the way from the beginning. Working with your home’s electrical panel is easy and self-explanatory, right?


While it is second nature for many of us to reset a tripped circuit breaker and never think of it again, we should all give this matter more attention. While there are many electrical panel issues with quick and easy fixes, there are also more complex ones that can result in danger when left unchecked. When in doubt, call a professional electrician! Our electricians are highly trained to identify and correct these problems the first time. Check out our article on common circuit breaker issues and fixes for more information and call Right Electrical Services today! We’ll handle everything.

2. Electrical Appliance Repair

A frayed electrical cord or a faulty electrical appliance may seem like a no-fuss issue that you can take on yourself. It’s smartest not to take that risk. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, electrical fires were the cause of nearly 24,000 residential fires in 2014.

Of the top 5 common causes of residential electrical fires, faulty electrical appliances were ranked at number one.  Many of these fires probably could have been avoided if a licensed electrician had been called to take a look at the problem. Frayed cords can transfer heat onto combustible surfaces such as rugs or curtains and start a fire at any time. Make the right choice and call a reputable electrician to assist you in preventing such issues.

3. Electrical Wiring Repairs

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This one’s for our especially confident electrical DIY’ers out there! If you have handled this kind of thing before and insisted that “it’s easy”, “not a big deal”, or “a quick fix” we’d like to persuade you to at least let us check over your work in the future.

Remember those electrical fires we were talking about earlier? Guess what else ranks on the top 5 causes of residential electrical fires. If you answered “faulty electrical wiring”, great job! We’re glad you’re paying attention- it’ll save you so much trouble later on.

If your home is 20 years or older, you are especially susceptible to the dangers of outdated electrical wiring and should get in touch with a professional electrician for an electrical safety inspection. Older homes may not be equipped with the wiring capacity to handle increased electrical demands created by modern day appliances.

4. Major Electrical Projects (Repair or Otherwise)

It should go without saying that projects that require a permit should NEVER be completed by anyone but a licensed electrician. Major electrical jobs require permits for a reason and even the most skilled DIY’er needs to leave this electrical work to the professionals.

Home renovation projects also fall under the “major electrical project” category. Licensed electricians should be hired in ANY home renovation project that requires the addition of a new living space. Expert electricians should also be called for jobs requiring the movement of walls within your home. While there are many instances of home renovation that can make for perfect opportunities to flex those DIY chops, electrical repairs for professionals aren’t counted among them. Consult your local electrician.

5. It’s All Greek To Me

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Time for a pop quiz!

1. Are you familiar with weatherheads?
2. Do you know the function of a surge arrester?
3. Familiar with single phased power and the measured volts typically received in this power type?

So… are any of these terms “all greek to you”? If so, don’t feel down about it! There’s a reason we are license-holding electricians and it’s on us to know these kinds of things for you. Regardless of what you’ve heard, there are electrical repairs for professionals and professionals only. Unfortunately, many homeowners are under the assumption that a quick Google search or YouTube tutorial is all they need to fix their everyday electrical issues. Believe us, we wish it were that easy! It would have saved us a lot of time when we entered the electrical field.

At Right Electrical Services, we’re confident that we are the best at what we do. We aren’t shy about letting our customers know that we hold an unlimited license (the highest level in the electrical field) or that we have more than 20 years of electrical experience. Why? Because we’re proud of the electrical services we extend to our customers. The level of quality electrical work we provide is all thanks to many years of electrical training and education. Right Electrical Services is here for all of your electrical service/repair needs- give us a call today!


3 Replies to “5 Electrical Repairs Best Left to the Professionals”

  1. Thanks for the advice about hiring an electrician if you have a project to complete that requires a permit. It makes sense that these projects would be more difficult. In addition to home renovations like you mentioned, I think that you would want a licensed electrician if you had heavy machinery that needed to be fixed. http://www.hackworthelectricmotors.com/services

    1. You’re exactly right, Callie! It’s easy to tell ourselves that we can handle everything ourselves but sometimes it’s best to consult a professional. It’s better to get all electrical repairs and electrical installations completed properly and safely the first time than having to go back later.

  2. That’s good to know that faulty wiring is a big cause of electrical fires. I would think that would be pretty dangerous if you don’t get it exactly right. I was thinking about replacing some wires by myself, but I wouldn’t want to burn down my house, so I’ll have to think about leaving that one to a professional.

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