5 Benefits of Swimming Pool LED Lighting

March 18, 2019


It’s just beginning to get warmer outside and the days are getting longer.  If you’re like us you’re probably starting to think ahead to those backyard barbecues, trips to the beach, and evenings by the pool. Make sure that your in-ground swimming pool is ready to go!  Here are some of the pool lighting benefits to consider to enhance your swimming experience and wow your guests.

Beautify Your Swimming Pool

Take one look at quality swimming pool lighting installed by a professional electrician and the beauty added to your pool is apparent.  Hosting a backyard barbecue or pool party? Your guests will be taken aback by the aesthetic appeal added by LED swimming pool lighting.  Set the mood for a great time no matter the event!

LED Pool lighting

LED Pool Lighting Comes With Customization Options

The decision to choose LED lighting when it comes to your pool lighting implementation gives you flexibility in choosing the best color options for you. By creating a lighting design alongside a licensed electrician, you can highlight the features of your pool that you want to stand out. Create a stunning environment for all of your spring and summer fun by choosing the colors and lighting effects that give your pool new life.

Added Poolside Visibility and Safety

If you have children or pets you probably have concerns when it comes to letting them too close to the pool at night. At the same time, you and your guests will enjoy the added visibility of LED pool lighting to make sure you watch your step as well.  When you add pool lighting, that extra layer of visibility and safety is there. Well-placed lighting illuminates those dark corners that are typically shadowed and makes swimming and enjoying your pool at night that much easier.

LED Lights Just Keep Going

LED lights offer considerable longevity, designed to last for over 20,000 hours without heating up very much at all.  In the end, this means that LED bulbs are also much more energy efficient. While halogen and incandescent bulbs may be a cheaper option for your pool lighting, LED bulbs offer energy bill cuts that will save you much more money in the end.

LED Pool bulb
Image source: poolandspa.com

The Low Maintenance Option

Not only do LED bulbs mean energy efficiency and less money out of your wallet but they end up saving you precious time as well.  LED products are well known for requiring less fewer replacement lamps which means you spend less time maintaining your pool lighting and more time enjoying it!  

We hope we’ve convinced you to plan ahead for you spring and summer swims by thinking about LED pool lighting installation.  Our licensed electricians are ready to meet with you today to discuss pool lighting options specific to your unique needs. While you’re thinking about that, why not also consider turning your backyard into the ultimate sanctuary with hot tub installation?  There’s no better time than now to get started and we’re happy to help! Call Right Electrical Services today.


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10 Replies to “5 Benefits of Swimming Pool LED Lighting”

  1. I agree that led lighting in your pool is so sophisticated. My mom has been planning to add LED lighting in our backyard poo, and we are all excited to have night swimming in there. We will start looking for electricians to have them installed once my mom decided to go for it.

    1. LED lighting is under-rated when it comes to the beauty and functionality that they provide. Good luck with your LED pool lighting installation! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

  2. My parents have been thinking about getting lights installed in their pool. I liked that you pointed out that LED lights are really low maintenance. It does seem like a good thing for them to get a professional to get that done for them. //krelectricinc.com/residential

  3. Well said on this article. It adds a pleasing sight and is safety for everyone. I remembered a lot of incidents that had occur without the LED lights, some are fortunate but it just shows that pools should always consider having these lights, and they’re cost-effective! Everything is said in your content, I had a nice, knowledgeable read ^^

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  4. I like how you mention that with LED pool lighting you can customize your color options. My husband, I just recently got our pool and our kids want something to make it a little more exciting. I think we should hire a professional with experience in electrician services who can help us figure out the best way to accomplish this. //currentelectricco.com/

  5. It is good to know that you can use LED lights around a swimming pool in a lot of different ways. My parents are considering getting a pool installed on their property this spring. It is good to know that LEDs are good for pathways. It does seem smart because they want to get a hot tub with their pool and LEDs could make getting to it safer at night. //www.fmclighting.com/retro.html

    1. Hi Ivy!

      That’s very true. One of the biggest benefits of LED lighting around the pool is increased safety. Best of luck to your parents in installing a pool on their property. Right Electrical Services would highly suggest installing LED lights! Thanks for your response.

  6. I loved how you mentioned that it gives you flexibility when choosing colors. My husband and I just recently moved into a new home a couple of weeks ago that has a pool in the backyard, and we want to look into getting lighting installed for it so that we can swim in it during the night. We’ll make sure to keep this information in mind as we search for swimming pool lighting. //corona-pool-spa-repair.com/riverside.html

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