Why You Should Get a Whole House Electrical Inspection Before the Holidays

November 1, 2023

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With the holidays just around the corner, there’s no better time to book an appointment for a whole house electrical inspection. Ensuring that your home’s electrical system is functioning properly is important year round but now that fall is here, it is more important than ever. While you and your family rely on your electrical system for the majority of your daily activities at home throughout the year, the demand put on this system usually skyrockets around the holidays. With this increase in demand, it’s vital that your home’s electrical system is working as it should. 

Taking risks with your electrical system can lead to expensive and even tragic consequences, so staying up to date on annual whole house electrical inspections is crucial. It is generally recommended that you have a whole house electrical inspection completed once every three to five years at minimum. However, if your home is 40 years old or even older, electrical inspections should be completed even more regularly. 

So why are the holidays the perfect time to schedule a whole house electrical inspection? 

You Can Make the Necessary Repairs Before the Holidays

One of the biggest benefits of booking a whole house electrical inspection before the holiday season is because it gives you time to have the necessary repairs performed before your house is filled with relatives and loved ones. Electrical home safety inspections are the best way to identify any number of electrical problems within your home, from the frustrating issues to the dangerous problems. By performing a complete electrical inspection before the holidays, you can fix these issues in plenty of time for the holiday festivities. 

The Risk of Some Fire and Electrical Hazards Increase During the Winter Season

While fire and electrical problems can occur at any time, the risks of some of these hazards increase during the winter season. Here are just a few of the fire and electrical hazards that are more common in the winter and that can be prevented by scheduling an electrical safety inspection before the holidays:

    • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Unfortunately, carbon monoxide poisonings happen more frequently in the winter due to the fact that carbon monoxide is a byproduct of incomplete combustion. This is the process that takes place through the furnaces and water heaters that are used to keep your home warm during the winter. 
  • Hazards from the Use of Electric Blankets: While electric blankets are widely used during the winter months, their use presents dangers. You should always remember to unplug your electric blanket when it isn’t being used and always check that the wiring is in good condition to prevent electrical fires. 
  • Holiday Lights Place Higher Demand on the Electrical System: Holiday lights are central to the holiday season. As beautiful and festive as they are, they place a greater demand on your home’s electrical system. This increases the risk of electrical fire and electric shock. You should always check your holiday lights for frayed wiring before plugging them in. Additionally, a whole house electrical inspection will uncover any issues without electrical outlets that could lead to danger during the holidays. 
  • Smoke Detector Malfunctions: Finally, having your home’s smoke detectors inspected through the whole house electrical inspection process is vital. Working smoke detectors reduce the chance of death caused in a reported home fire by a whopping 50 percent. At minimum, all of your smoke detectors should be tested on a monthly basis. You should also replace your smoke detectors at least every ten years

Contact Our Raleigh Electricians to Schedule a Whole House Electrical Inspection Today!

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Now that you have an understanding of the importance of booking a whole house electrical inspection before the holiday season, contact Right Electrical Services today! Our technicians are on standby to perform a complete inspection of your home’s electrical system, bringing you peace of mind that is priceless- especially around the holidays! 

If you have any hesitation to book your electrical inspection today, allow us to offer you a limited time discount to sweeten the deal! For all current customers, we are providing 50 percent off all whole house electrical inspections booked during the month of November. Give us a call today and make sure you, your family, and your home are set for the upcoming holiday season!

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