5 Electrical Upgrades For the New Year

December 26, 2019


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With 2019 coming to a close and the New Year just around the corner, there is no better time than now to consider electrical upgrades throughout your home. Maintaining your home’s electrical system is vital to keeping you and your family safe and secure. Many homeowners believe that their home’s electrical system is safe but how sure are you? If you have any doubt about the soundness of your home’s electrical system, there is no better time than the New Year to make some electrical upgrades in your home. 

Today, Right Electrical Services will be highlighting the importance of maintaining your home’s electrical system, how important it is for safety, and 5 electrical upgrades for the New Year that can give you peace of mind. As always, feel free to contact Right Electrical Services for any of your electrical repair or electrical installation needs! We’ll be happy to help you make the necessary electrical upgrades this New Year season.

Why You Should Consider Making Electrical Upgrades

According to the Electrical Safety Foundation, there are nearly 50,000 fires every year that are caused by faulty electrical systems. Of these electrical fires, 1500 injuries and, unfortunately, 450 deaths have occurred. This goes to show that you can never be too careful when it comes to maintaining your home’s electrical system. One of the best ways to prevent dangers such as electrical fires is by making the necessary electrical upgrades.

In the busyness of everyday life, it’s easy to forget about things like electrical repairs and upgrades. With the busiest season of the year officially behind us, now is the perfect time to start thinking about making some electrical upgrades in your home. Here are 5 electrical upgrades for the New Year that you should consider! 

Damaged Cords

When thinking about electrical upgrades, damaged cords are one of the first places you should look. Electrical fires can be caused by even a small tear in a damaged cord. These small tears can be pretty easy to overlook but they’re still a huge fire hazard nonetheless. Take some time to check every cord in your home for signs of damage.

If you notice any damaged cords, be sure to handle them with caution as they also pose a risk for electrical shock. These cords should be replaced or repaired by a professional. Call Right Electrical Services if you notice any damaged cords in your home! We are experts when it comes to electrical repairs and will be happy to help you make the necessary electrical upgrades.

Electrical Outlet Installation

If you find yourself constantly purchasing extension cords to support your electrical appliances, it may be time to think about electrical outlet installation. Installing electrical outlets in your home is a great way to minimize the risk of an electrical fire due to a damaged extension cord.

The use of too many extension cords also pose a severe risk for an electrical fire. This is because running an extension cord creates additional points where cords can short out, get pinched, or kink. This can lead to a tripped circuit breaker, damaged cords, and, in the worst case, an electrical fire. Installing more electrical outlets in your home minimizes your need for extension cords.

You should also think about the condition of your home’s current electrical outlets. There are a few different signs you should look for that may be signs of a damaged electrical outlet. This includes an outlet that is uncomfortably hot to the touch (even when nothing is plugged in), sparking, and/or bad odors coming from the outlet. If you have noticed any of these signs of damage in your home’s electrical outlets, you are in severe need of an electrical outlet repair or replacement. 

Home Surge Protectors

Home surge protectors are great electrical upgrades for any home electrical system. Surge protectors prevent larger, more costly issues from arising in the event of storms or power surges. A power surge, particularly common during large storms, poses a great threat of causing sparking which can lead to an electrical fire. A spark can also overload your circuits, leading to damage to your home’s entire electrical system. Upgrade your home’s electrical system with home surge protectors today! You’ll be glad that you did.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are completely necessary components in any home electrical system. As your first line of defense against a fire, it is important that you maintain the condition of your home’s smoke detectors. Take the time to routinely check the condition and functionality of your smoke detectors to ensure that they’re always in proper working order. Any smoke detectors that are in need of repair should be replaced immediately. Call a licensed electrician to install smoke detectors in your home today! This is an electrical upgrade that you shouldn’t overlook this New Year.

Home Generator Installation

This New Year, you should consider purchasing a home generator if you don’t have one already. As one of the most effective electrical upgrades that homeowners can make, a home generator acts to keep your power on in the case of a power outage. Home generators are not only convenient but necessary during times of the year prone to bad storms, such as hurricane season. Large storms pose a great risk of power outages and there’s no telling how long you and your family could be without power if you don’t have a home generator. 

A whole house generator is an investment that ensures you peace of mind. While homeowners without a generator have to constantly worry that they may be left in the dark, you can be sure that your family will be safe and comfortable with the power on!

Right Electrical Services is a certified sales dealer for Generac, the top name in whole house generators. If you have yet to purchase a whole house generator for your home, we’re the guys to call! Contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss all of your options. There’s no time to consider such a valuable home investment than the New Year!


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