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June 5, 2019
smart doorbell installation raleigh
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Whether you’re looking to install a smart doorbell or your regular run-of-the-mill doorbell, our Raleigh electricians know that quality installation can’t be compromised. Doorbell installation falls within the category of electrical wiring services. While you may think that doorbell installation is an easy DIY job, the complex parts and wiring associated with modern doorbells should be handled by qualified professionals who have the knowledge and skills to install and repair your doorbell. Right Electrical Services will provide you with doorbell installation services that will ensure that your doorbell stays functioning and built to last.

The Problem With Trying to Install a Smart Doorbell Yourself

If you’re considering a smart doorbell for your home, you’ve probably shopped the market and decided on the best choice for you. Smart doorbells are impressive and are becoming more and more popular today. At Right Electrical Services, we get many calls to install these smart doorbells and, often, these calls come in only after our customers have attempted to install a smart doorbell on their own.

A simple Google search like, “how to install the Ring doorbell” returns endless results claiming to walk you through the easy DIY project step-by-step. Easy right? Well, not so much. When installing a smart doorbell for your home, there are two things that are very important- technical knowledge and extensive experience with power tools. If you’re gawking at this statement with a, “I possess both of those skills. Smart doorbell installation shouldn’t be a problem for me” we’re not saying you’re completely wrong- we’re just saying that a lot could go wrong.

Here are a few of the examples of trouble you might come across when attempting to install a smart doorbell on your own:

Incomplete Setup

Connecting your smart doorbell to WiFi should be the easiest step in the installation process, right? Unfortunately, it’s common to go through the entire setup process via the app only to find the connection failed and the process needs to be repeated. This could be due to a weakened WiFi connection or another unrelated issue.

Wiring Issues

This is probably the most common bump in the road experienced when opting to DIY your doorbell installation instead of calling an electrician. Electrical wiring can be an incredibly complex process and if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, it’s likely something’s gonna go wrong.

Many of the customers that end up calling us when they just can’t figure out what’s happening. We’ve found that this is usually due to either not knowing or forgetting to shut off any power directed to the doorbell before attempting to install it. This can also be an extremely hazardous step to mess up and could even result in an electrical fire.  

Installing Your Smart Doorbell in the Wrong Spot

So you’ve managed to make it all the way to the end of the process. Impressive! But what happens when, regardless of all of your hard work, you step back to take a look at your fine work only to find that your smart doorbell’s camera is obstructed.

As one of the more important features included in a smart doorbell, it’s important that your doorbell is installed in the right spot. At this point, you’re worn out from the process that Google assured you would be so easy that uninstalling and reinstalling your doorbell in a better spot is too frustrating to bare. If you had called a licensed electrician, this could have been avoided. Save yourself the hassle!

Knock, Knock Who’s There?

smart doorbell installation
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Considering the impressive features included in a smart doorbell, it would be a shame for it to fail. Our Raleigh electricians can spare you the embarrassment of missing a visitor or not being notified of an unexpected visitor at the door due to an unnecessary malfunction.

Whether your smart doorbell needs to be installed directly into your home’s power supply or hooked up to your transformer using low voltage wiring, Right Electrical Services has you covered! Save yourself the completely avoidable hassles and problems associated with DIY smart doorbell installation.

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  1. Nest doorbell to be installed. Currently the bell rings into a phone intercom system. The chime box is not here.

      1. Thanks so much for contacting us however we are booked up through the first week of July at this time. We would be happy to schedule you at that time but that is our first availability. Thank you for reaching out!

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