Regular Generator Maintenance: Everything You Need to Know

December 11, 2019

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Performing Generator Maintenance is Vital

Do you have a whole-house Generac generator on standby in case of a power outage? If you have ever seen your generator in action, you know that it’s a convenience that can’t be understated. Did you know, however, that performing regular generator maintenance is vital to keeping your generator functioning at its best?

Have you fallen behind on maintaining your generator in the past few years? Forgotten to contact a local electrician to perform generator maintenance this year? Have you found yourself wondering why performing regular generator maintenance is so important? Right Electrical Services is here with all of the answers! 

Today, we’ll be highlighting the importance of regular generator maintenance, giving you all of the necessary information to keep your Generac generator functioning reliably for years to come!

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Why is Regular Generator Maintenance Important?

There are a slew of reasons that your generator needs to be properly maintained. Better yet, there are many benefits to performing regular maintenance with your electrician. Here are just a few of the reasons you should call Right Electrical Services for your annual generator maintenance check today!

Maintenance Keeps Your Generator Running at Its Best

Performing annual generator maintenance ensures that your generator is already to take over when you need it the most. In the case of an unexpected power outage, the last thing you need is for your generator to stall unreliably. Regular maintenance significantly reduces the chances of this occurrence.

When your Generac generator is properly maintained by a licensed electrician, any signs of issues can be identified and addressed immediately. This means your generator can function as reliably as the day you purchased it. 

Maintenance Saves You Money Long-Term

With checking your generator for possible issues on an annual basis comes the chance to save some serious cash. When generator problems are caught early on, your knowledgeable electrician can make electrical repairs. This saves you from paying money on more costly repairs when the issue has been left to get worse over time. Worst of all, certain problems with your generator may even require you to have to replace it completely. Invest in regular maintenance! Putting down a little bit of money to maintain your generator will save you money long-term!

Regular Maintenance Prevents Fuel Problems 

When generators are not properly maintained, they run a much higher risk of developing fuel problems. This is due to the fact that algae is allowed to build up on the fuel system, dead batteries can cause issues, and fuel injectors can become clogged. Not only can these types of problems cause fuel issues, they can also damage your generator unit beyond repair. 

When regular generator maintenance is performed, these working mechanisms are cleaned and kept running at their best. A generator can’t run without fuel and you’ll be sorry if a lack of regular generator maintenance becomes the cause for days without power during hurricane season!

How is Generator Maintenance Performed?

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Although some homeowners are comfortable performing regular maintenance on their own, others aren’t quite as confident. It’s always best to contact a licensed electrician to perform your annual maintenance check. DIY generator maintenance can be a challenge and you’ll be kicking yourself if you have to call Right Electrical Services to help you out only to find it wasn’t necessary to deconstruct the entire machine. 

During a maintenance check, our skilled technicians start by checking the overall condition of your generator. This overview involves checking your generator for any frayed wiring, stuck buttons, or otherwise corroded components. It is also important to check that your generator is free of any debris that has collected on the surface. After all, debris finding its way into an alternator is the number one way to destroy an otherwise functioning generator!

Next, our electricians will refresh the fluids, ensure that the fuel injectors aren’t clogged, and change out the batteries if necessary. It is important that you record these yearly refuels so that you have a reminder each time your generator is due for refueling. Luckily, if you have chosen Right Electrical Services as your Generac sales dealer and maintenance provider, we perform these yearly maintenance checks for you!

Finally, our technicians will complete your regular maintenance check by checking your generators bolts are secured, spark plugs are cleaned, and that the components which need to be calibrated biannually or annually are good to go. These components include:

  • Fuel injectors
  • Fuel pump
  • Turbocharger
  • Automatic voltage regulator

Once all of these checks have been performed, our technicians will start up your generator to make sure that all components are functioning properly. If so, you’re good to go and don’t have to worry about generator maintenance until next year!

Give Right Electrical Services a call to set up your annual maintenance appointment today! We’ll be happy to help.

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